affiliate vs. wholesale

What's the difference between becoming an affiliate of eyn products and becoming a wholesale buyer?


  • affiliates promote our products. 
  • this can be done on their own retail sites, through social media, blogs, etc...
  • affiliates join the shareasale program and are provided their own link to send buyers to our site. (click here to sign up)
  • for every sale that is made from this link, the affiliate automatically earns a commission for the sale!
  • affiliates have access to images and eyn content to assist in promoting
  • affiliates have access to coupon codes and promotions to share on their sites and with their followers.

wholesale buyers:

  • the wholesale buyer is one who would prefer to sell the product themselves
  • re-sellers may sell in retail locations or on their online store
  • wholesale prices are provided to interested parties upon request (click here to submit account setup request and get pricing info)
  • re-sellers are provided with all product information and images